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Fangye Sun
Violin Instructor

Fangye Sun is an accomplished classical violinist and dedicated educator with a passion for both performance and teaching. He has performed as a soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral artist throughout Asia, North America,

and Europe, captivating audiences

in prestigious venues, including the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Théâtre du Châtelet, Sanders Theatre, and Emerson Paramount Center. 


Sun has showcased his artistic growth and technical prowess through 12 personal recitals during his academic and teaching journey. His talent has also earned him scholarships and fellowships at renowned festivals, including the Brevard Music Festival, Atlantic Music Festival, Endless Mountain Music Festival, China Europe Youth Orchestra Academy, and Celibidache Youth Orchestra Academy. 

Sun holds a D.M.A. from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, a G.P.D. from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, and an M.M. and B.A. from the Tianjin Conservatory of Music. He has been mentored by esteemed musicians such as Eugene Purdue, Lynn Chang, Young-Nam Kim, Robert Bokor, and Wenning Guan. During his studies, he had further opportunities to work with Katie Lansdale, Kristopher Tong, Kurt Sassmannshaus, Joseph Genualdi, Joseph Swensen, Parry Karp, Lydia Artymiw, and the Lydian String Quartet. 

Formerly served as a violin faculty member, advisor for Student Union and Committee at Hebei University, as well as a judge for the Chinese Musicians Association Violin Certificate Advancement Program in China, Sun continues to be an active solo violinist and group instrumentalist in various genres; besides maintaining an active violin studio in the US. 

Fluent in English and Chinese, Sun passionately imparts his expertise to students of all ages and levels, holding workshops in both the US and China. Beyond his instrumental mastery, Sun's journey has also encompassed orchestral conducting, which he pursued during his doctorate minor studies. This unique experience fortified his understanding of music ensemble, allowing him to offer guidance to students while coaching and mentoring Youth Symphony Orchestras. 


Hailing from Baoding, China, Sun was born into a musical family and began his musical training at the age of six. Since then, he has dedicated himself to the violin. As a performer and pedagogue, he has over 30 years of playing and 15 years of teaching experience. Many of his students have found success in meeting their musical goals, whether it is getting into music schools, entering an orchestra, participating in a competition, or learning for personal enrichment. 

He currently resides in San Diego, California, with his serial entrepreneur and personal trainer wife. Apart from his musical engagements, he enjoys hiking, running, and sailing. 


J. S. Bach - Sonata for Solo Violin, No. 1 in G Minor, Adagio

J. S. Bach - Sonata for Solo Violin, No. 1 in G Minor, Fugue

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