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Jung Kim
Piano Instructor


Ms. Jung Kim majored in Music Composition at Yonsei University in South Korea. She learned

piano when she was young and music has been part of her life ever since. She has a passion

for music composition, harmonics, music analysis, conducting and music theory. She

composed a number of music pieces in college (Solo Piano Pieces/String Quartets/2 Part

Invention/Solo Instrument pieces for Flute & amp; Violin/Choir Pieces).

Jung has worked as a piano instructor for over 30 years, teaching from beginners to

advanced students. She also worked as a music conductor of church choirs and as a church

pianist for more than 20 years.

Jung looks to build a strong foundation in music theory and performing skills in her students.

Jung likes interacting with students and she has a passion for teaching music. She has

extensive experience in teaching students who have different styles of learning. She likes to

create a personalized lesson plan for her students. Also, Jung’s music composition expertise helps

her in teaching fundamentals of music to students accurately and efficiently. Jung has been

working as a CM piano teacher in MTAC for the last 8 years, training Certificate of Merit

students from Level 1 to Advanced Level.

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