Alannah Forsberg

​Voice Instructor


Currently finishing her Associate's Degree in pursue of Music Education and Vocal Performance. Alannah Laine Forsberg has been interested in music since she was 4. At a young age Alannah often sang Disney songs for fun and as she grew older she developed a love for pop and pop-punk. When she turned 12 Alannah began playing the piano which has helped her as a singer.  Upon entering high school Alannah joined the school choir program that lasted for all four years. This was when she began considering a career in music. During the four years, she participated in choir festivals and competitions which has helped her grow to understand a different genre of singing. Aside from choir ensemble, Alannah also had experience in singing live. Experiences such as auditioning for The Voice and The X Factor and held the position of lead singer at a church. She has taken a college course for piano studies to maintain her proficiency on the instruments. It allows her to continue to accompany herself on the piano when she is singing.


Everyone was born with a voice and each voice is unique in its own ways. Alannah's goal as a teacher is to help students discover their own voice and bring out its full potential. She hopes to use the balance of techniques and artistry to help each student sing their music. As much as Alannah hopes to make her lessons fun and enjoyable, it is also part of her agenda to share important life skills with her students such as dedication, perseverance, observation, planning, etc., all of which can be taught through the journey of learning how to sing and play music. Besides teaching, Alannah enjoys making videos of cover songs on her YouTube channel.