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Level 2 B

Captain Hook's Rockin' Party

Almost Like a Dream

Sounds from the Gumdrop Factory

Spanish Caballero

Boxcar Rumble


The Great Clock


Shave and a Haircut


Jumpin' Jazz Cat


Down by the Bay


The Ice Skaters


Viva la France!


Boom Boom!


Horse-Drawn Carriage

Beach Party

Riding the Wind

Pumpkin Boogie

Deck the Keys

This Is My Planet Earth

New World Symphony Theme

Duke oF York Strut

Canoeing in the Moonlight

Turkish March


Auld Lang Syne

The Juggler

Rhino in the Mud

Green Frog Hop

Dance Theme and Variation

Home on the Range

The Storm and the Rainbow

Mr. McGill's Boop Sha-Bop!

The Loch Ness Monster

March of the English Guard

Coconut Shuffle

Rocky Mountain Train

Italian Children's Game

Pachyderm Caravan

Snow Fort Hideout

The Horseman's Night Ride

Dance of the Irish

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