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Jeremiah Seefeldt

Cello Instructor

Jeremiah Seefeldt has over twenty years of experience playing the cello. His teachers throughout the years were Lu Yan Guo, Viola Brown, Glenn Campbell , and Dr. Bongshin Ko. Throughout his musical career, he has kept himself busy in the community by participating in orchestras such as the Civic Youth Orchestra, San Diego Youth Symphony, CSU-Fullerton Orchestra, Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, and currently serves as the assistant principal cellist for the Grossmont Symphony Orchestra. He has performed as a soloist and a chamber musician at several festivals in the San Diego area. In addition, he also frequently serves as a pit musician with several theatre groups performing in such musicals such as Shrek the Musical, West Side Story, Into the Woods, Les Miserables, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid.

“I believe that developing one’s love for music is one of the most crucial tasks for a teacher. When a student genuinely begins to love what they are doing, motivation to improve will naturally follow. My purpose is to make sure my students have the tools and understandings to reach where they want to go in music. Emphasis on understanding what our mind and body is doing while producing music is crucial. Paying attention to detail on my students and teaching them to be aware of what they are doing allows for tailored solutions that best fit the student.”


J. S. Bach Cello Suite in D Minor, Prelude

Live at French Parlor, Univerisity of San Diego 2017

J. S. Bach Cello Suite in D Minor, Sarabande

Live at French Parlor, University of San Diego


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